Sayos Nu Cowboy

Sayos Nu CowboySorrel AQHA ColtBorn April 17th, 2015This is one big, strong, stout colt. On this one I have no doubts of him reaching 15 hands or more which is unusual for the “Sayo” colt. This guys is super easy to be around and handle and just loaded with natural talent and strength.For Sale$12,500 Sayos […]

Sayos Chex to Cash

Sayos Chex to CashBorn April 4, 2015Palomino AQHA FillyIt is just really darn hard not to just fall head over heels in love with this filly. Not only does she have the baby doll head, low head set and big hip but she has perfect confirmation, color, breeding and natural talent to boot. This girl […]