About Me

…..Even though I started with dressage and jumping, it did not take long for me to switch over to western riding which at the time was still relatively new in Germany.

My dad and I moved to the United States when I was eleven and what better place to move to then a ranch loaded with horses. Everything ranging from weanlings to four year olds that all needed to be started.  I loved every minute of it and it allowed me to learn a lot, most of it from mistakes. But none the less it was a great education.  It was not until 1999 when I was in a major car accident that I got introduced to the sport of reining. I not only rode my first reiner, but also got to show for the first time in reining.  Well, it all went south from there so to speak (-;   When you ride a good reiner, there is just no going back.

It was not until a two years after that, that I truly understood the importance of quality bloodlines.  I purchased a very nice colt that was foundation bred, and he truly was a great colt. I worked with him on a every day basis and turned him into a really nice all around horse; reining, roping, ranch horse competition, and babysitter. I then purchased a two year old Smart Chic Olena grandson and after five rides he stopped harder and could slide more then my other horse. It was at that very moment that I totally got over thinking all horses are created equally, and started understanding the importance of breeding for the events you want to do, if you want to have success at them.

With that in mind, it has taken me the past ten years to get to where I am at now with my bloodlines.  There is still a lot of room for improvement, but I am getting there. Versatility is a huge factor for me as I don’t JUST show.  My horses all have to work for a living on the ranch which requires them to have a good mind, solid conformation, a ton of heart, a lot of cow sense, athletic ability and stamina.  When I started looking for a stallion, those where all things I had in the back of my mind. I found all the qualities I was looking for in Little Shining Sun, aka Sayo.   With the same thing in mind, I started putting my broodmare band together.  With daughters of Smart Chic Olena, Smart Little Lena, Bodee Boonsmal, Haidas Little Pep, Lance Jones, Bueno Frizi Nic, Reminic and granddaughters of Peppy San Badger, Dry Doc, Doc Tari, Zan Parr Bar, and Smart Chic Olena, I truly feel I can offer you the kind of horse that is versatile and will allow you to succeed in any direction you chose to go.

I had to smile the other day as I was going through all my training books.  I came across the book REINING by Al Dunning, that my dad had bought me back in Germany.  I remember reading that book over and over again and thinking how amazing it would be to get to see Al in person or even be so lucky and get to see him show.  Sometimes our childhood dreams do come true as I was fortunate enough to not only attend one of Al’s clinics in 2010, but I also was able to spend some time January-February of 2011 in Arizona at Al Dunning’s Almosta Ranch riding every day and having the honor of having my three year old in training there. There is simply nothing better then going and learning from the best.  I look forward to continuing learning from such a master as Al, and am thrilled to be able to apply the things I am learning to all my colts at home only making them better as we go.

So with all that said, take a look around the site and I hope you enjoy what you see. If so be sure you sign up for my newsletter and stay in touch.  I love hearing from everybody !!!

So this is me!