Anti-Aging ~~ Lets Talk about Wrinkles and Hawaii ?!?!?!

Seems that all of use woman have the same worries….wrinkles and looking older. What anti-aging products to use? And lets not leave the guys outta this……how many of you guys have the desire to age and look older then you really are? Wrinkles have just never been considered sexy. Well here is something to give some thought to. RODAN & FIELDS DERMATOLOGY


Across cultures, men historically have looked for women with:

  • clear skin
  • high-arched eye brows
  • full lips
  • and a cherubic face

These qualities, recognized as beautifully feminine, are the physical features associated with women at peak fertility. We’ve all heard it said that men look more distinguished as they age, that they become more masculine in appearance. The unfortunate reality is that woman do, too. As woman age, they, too, become more “handsome” because their skin and facial features lose the defining characteristics that the human brain recognizes as feminine. Because of the decline in the feminizing hormones estrogen and progesterone, both men and woman take on more traditionally male physical features with age. The face becomes more angular as a result of fat loss, eyebrows flatten, facial hair grows, lips thin. While these traits can make a man look rugged or attractive, they tend to make a woman appear less feminine, more tired, and, overall, less desirable.

As we develop the wisdom of life experiences and the inner beauty that comes only with time and maturity, there remains a self-imposed critic that equates our self-worth with what is reflected in the mirror. While it is absolutely imperative that we adjust our expectations and redefine what is beautiful as we age, feeling good about the way we look is critical to our well-being. For many years women believed they could do little or nothing about the state of their skin and the ravages of aging. Now, thankfully, it is possible to become an active participant in the quest for healthier, more attractive skin.

Being in the horse industry it seems most of my time is spent outside with my horses exposing my skin to the ever so relentless sun rays that are so damaging to our skin. As I would rather be outside then spending hours in front of the mirror going through countless skin care regiments I was thrilled to come across RODAN & FIELDS DERMATOLOGY which offers some amazing products that do not take endless time in the bathroom. What got my attention even more was how fast I noticed a difference in my skin. Lets face it….we all love to have smooth, gorgeous skin that gets attention. So it was that, that made me join the company and start the building of my chunk out of the $2.9 billion dollar anti aging industry that is expect to grow to $5.9 billion by 2015.

Some important things that really got my attention is this:

  • Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields are the names behind ProActiv
  • 10% off and FREE shipping for Preferred Customers
  • 60 day 100% money back “empty bottle” guarantee on ALL products
  • Anti-Aging regimen has the highest % of peptides (Peptides stimulate your natural collagen production) versus any other product on the market
  • Prescription level products which are available to you over the counter
  • phone access to a professional nurse to help with skin care concerns
  • AMP MD TOOL was featured as the “MUST HAVE ANTI AGINING PRODUCT FOR 2011 by the TODAY SHOW
  • products that had huge success in high end stores such as Nordstrom’s, Neiman, Marcus, & Bloomingdales from 2002-2007
  • a business that is growing in triple digits month after month in todays economy
  • a infancy company…there are less then 7,000 paychecks cut a month for the whole US. Nothing like being involved in a company (that has the same brains backing it as ProActiv)on the ground floor

So how does Hawaii fit into all of that? I have two trips available to Hawaii for 7 nights/8 days. You can either spend 3 nights on Oahu and then the other 4 nights on Hawaii or you can spend the full 7 nights on either Oahu or Hawaii. Airfare is 2 for 1 and all accommodations are paid for. Food and activities are not included. I am going to be giving these two trips away to two lucky individuals. So contact me via EMAIL or call me at 1(719)468-8732 to find out how you can get in on that. Look forward to hearing from you all.