Yeah, yeah, yeah… has been a while since I have blogged. A long while, but I totally blame it on being busy. So where to start? In a nutshell the horses, kids and I headed south to Arivaca, Arizona after school got out with at the end of May. Good by to Hagerman and some amazing people that I have met while I was up there and to some not so great ones as well. (-: Gotta have those everywhere I guess. I have never been a fan of cold winters or snow (other then just for a day or so) so Arizona seemed like the perfect location along with some personal reasons. By now I can also honestly say that when I say my horses are broke to haul…..they REALLY ARE broke to haul. Two semi-loads full of horses, a trailer full of “suff” along with the kids chickens and rabbits, my wonderful german intern Dorothee Haas, and almost 20 hours later we arrived at our new home ….. the Arivaca Ranch in Arivaca Arizona.








Arivaca is a small town approximately 55 miles from Tucson, and only 11 miles from the US-Mexico border. Mining and ranching are a part of Arivaca’s history. Today, in Arivaca, you will find diverse vocations in a population of nearly 1000. While there are still ranchers, you will also find artists, pottery makers, craftsmen, builders, birdwatchers, environmental educators, coffee roasters, filmmakers, photographers, sculptures, singer/songwriters, web designers and publishers. Also, home to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. That about sums up Arivaca with a few personal thoughts that I choose to keep to myself lol.

The area in itself is interesting for sure as it is nothing to come across some immigrants walking across the 22,000+ acres we call home. And after a visit with some people around the area it is also equally not uncommon to come across some other “deals” wondering across the area…..hence the thousands of border patrol. But hey it at least keeps it exciting around here and never boring, and if that does not do the trick the 60+ horses, 550+ yearling cattle, 100+ cows and calves are sure to do just that.

Well, I am leaving you guys today with that and some more photos of the area and the promise that I will start blogging more again to keep everybody in the loop as to what is going on down here. Have so many exciting things to share so be sure to stick around and keep reading.