Boom Goes Miss Sayo


Sorrel AQHA Filly
Born May 19th, 2013
SOLD Congratulations to Ray Sikes of Pritchett, Colorado on this super nice little filly.

Sayos Shining Sun
71 AQHA Reining Point, NRHA LTE $34,682
Offspring 236 AQHA Points,
NRHA LTE $44,018
Little Shining Sun
3.5 AQHA Reining Point
with VERY little showing due to injurie
Smart Lil Frenchie
Offspring AQHA Points
Royal Boomer T Rex
$428 in LTE with very limited showing
15 AQHA Points in Reining
by Boomernic
Chexy Reminic

Extra Assets