Branding In Nevada

Way to Early Normally

Well my morning began way to early today as my alarm clock went off at 4am. Normally this would be totally out of the question as I am so not a morning person but considering I had a branding to get to the idea of to early is not an option. Outta bed, get dressed (a total necessity), Bazi loaded, Baby Sayo loaded, (both equally as important as the getting dressed part) a fast stop in Bliss for diesel, chocolate milk, Mt Dew, and 5-hour energy in a bottle and Nevada bound we are….we have a branding to get to.

The advantage to being up so early is getting to see a pretty sunset. On second thought….once you have seen one you have seen them all lol.

On the Road

On the road with my horse and dog, a wonderful day or work ahead of us, the wide open road in front of us, some good music playing on the radio….it was the perfect morning till I hit snow just as I got to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation…WTH is going on. Somehow somebody missed the memo that it is June, aka SUMMER, and it does not snow in the summer. Oh well I thought to myself…it will clear off as I get down there and we will be good to go. NOT!! I have to say that this was the first branding I have been to that we had the weather of all four seasons in just one day. It was nice to start with, then we had a mini blizzard, then it turned nice again, then the wind came up, a bit of rain mixed with some more rain and then by gosh lets end the branding with some more snow. Go figure…must be a Nevada thing.

For most people this sign looks like a warning for possible cattle on the road. Of course if you have been around cattle (especially ones that an ex employer might have purchased from way down south ~ Debbie you totally know what I am talking about) you see this sign and think, “boy gosh I am going to need this big ass grill guard on the front of my truck because these are not just normal cows that are grassing here, these are the kind that will meet you at your truck as you pull up and it is just so much safer to just go ahead and hit them with your grill guard as there is simply no reasoning and they will chase you all over the pasture even when you are on horseback.”

Saddle Up

After 150+ mile drive the pooch, Baby Sayo and I arrived at the designated branding pens….no cowboys in site. Got my trusty ride saddled as I watched a the clouds rolling in thinking to myself that is no way in heck it is going to snow on us. So rather then me rattling on you all will have to look through the photos to see how the day at the branding went. All in all…..a great day, only one almost wreck and even though it was cold it was still awesome. So take a look and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the pics.