Rodan + Fields and Excel Supplements

So much to be thankful for…

but I am ready for Santa and all his reindeers.

Parked in Oklahoma! That was my entire November. I and my two weiners (Mucki and Bazi) were nearly freezing our butts off but we loved every minute of it!

The month started out with the AQHA World Championship Show. I had a bit of multi-tasking going on at the World Show. I got to cheer on many of our Excel Supplements customers but also saw many of my Rodan + Fields customers and was busy showing myself.  Sayos Smoke N Chic (aka Baby Sayo) was old faithful and not only had a GREAT score in the prelims but also came back and was Top 10 in the Am Ranch Riding Finals taking 7th place out of 72 horses.  ISayo Docs My Alibi had a case of stage fright going on and tried a bit too hard and added a turn around instead of a side path in the prelims. He thought the extra maneuver should have got him extra points, but the judges didn’t agree. Thankfully he is already qualified for next year, and we have a full year to get our ducks in a row.

Thank you for all the kind words, wishes, and cheers that you gave me. It truly means the world to me and is beyond appreciated!!

Since there were only a few days between the World Show and the NRHA Futurity I stayed parked in OKC and took a quick trip down to Texas to visit one of my best friends and partners in crime with my Rodan + Fields business.  While south, I stopped in Denton, Texas for a quick “snack” break and raided Aldi for “almost” every German Christmas cookie I could find. Nothing like memories from my childhood and an inch around the waist!  New Year’s resolution is going to include some daily running.

NRHA – National Reining Horse Association Futurity! So many amazing riders, Excel Supplement customers and horses!  I had the opportunity to meet one of my Excel Supplements Dealers from Germany and spent a few days with her and her family which was amazing. The Futurity was a huge success, and I am pretty dang proud to say that we moved over 80 five gallon buckets. So exciting to see this product in so many barns.

Loved getting to visit with Bobby Dykes and seeing Daisy. Daisy is a pup that I raised, and he has taken and done an AMAZING job training her. I can’t wait to watch them compete in stock dog competitions this year and kick some serious a$$.  Nala and Gus (aka Daisy’s parents) have a few buns in the oven and will have puppies after the first of the year. So be sure to stay tuned and get your name in on a top-notch registered border collie pup out of working parents. You know it is not always about the horses….well 95% of the time it is, lol!!

And, finally, home after 30 days in OKC, but only after hitting a bit of snow and ice in New Mexico! UGH, I am such a desert and warm weather gal!

Rodan + Fields had a great month! They kicked off their “Sparkling Gifts” special savings for your skin, lips, and eyes! With 15% off you couldn’t go wrong! Then Black Friday swooped in, and we were all a sale with so many offers. I hope you filled your stocking till it burst!

October was my personal best month with R+F, and I could not have done it without you guys. Not only was I in the top 5 on The Big Teams leaderboard in sales (just short of 3,000 consultants) but I also earned the Grow, Glow and Go Award for having the highest amount of new team members. This earned me a spa treatment and a wonderful steak dinner.

I can not express how much I love everything about this business; the life-changing skincare, being able to make a difference in other peoples lives, the personal growth, all the rewards, and the extra income. I am so excited about the new team members and being able to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  They all live the “Cowgirl’s Lifestyle” their way and now help others find their skin care solutions with Rodan + Fields!

Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that Tinsle.

November was a month to reflect on what I was thankful for but in all honesty; I am grateful every day. I love what I do and I love showing others ways to be successful. Whether it is in their everyday life, with Rodan + Fields or with their horses and k9s… that’s what makes life great…seeing others happy! ​

Time to get ready for Santa! And I know just what to do! Stay tuned for even more specials and holiday fun throughout the month! Oh, and watch for that darn penguin… he seems to show up every time there is a new special going on!

Welcome to This Cowgirl’s Lifestyle!

And I couldn’t be happier for Dan Huss and Ms. Dreamy! In the middle of the AQHA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW run the bridle broke. Instead of stopping, Dan scooped up the hardware and and kept on trucking – making this a once-in-a-lifetime moment. This was Ms Dreamy’s final run before her retirement. ❤️