Sayos Smart Chairman

Sayo Smart Chairman
Sorrel AQHA Colt
Born June 10th, 2015
SOLD and CONGRATS to Cole of Walsh, CO. This is the second “Sayo” that he is adding to his string and I am excited to see how this boy turns out. He is sure to be a cool one.

Sayos Shining Sun
71 AQHA Reining Point, NRHA LTE $34,682
Offspring 236 AQHA Points,
NRHA LTE $44,018
Little Shining Sun
3.5 AQHA Reining Point
with VERY little showing due to injurie
Smart Lil Frenchie
Offspring AQHA Points
Im Chairman
119 AQHA Cutting Points,
AQHA Reserve World Champion
NCHA LTE $59,970, AQHA $23,863
NCHA LTE $471, NRHA $2,499, NRCHA $3,220
by Gray Starlight
HA Im On The Go

Miss Roany Go
Producer of some outstanding
PRCA Horses