Baby Sayo in April 2011

I arrived in Phoenix yesterday morning (April 12th) and boy was it good to get here.  “Grammy” met me at the airport and off to the Almosta Ranch it was.  Baby Sayo is coming along really well and between Al, Jade and Cody riding him they just about have all the mistakes I made with him out. (-; Thank you guys, you are the best. I got to ride him yesterday and just spent some time getting used to him again. Today I worked him on a cow (which was a ball) and then worked on more of my riding habits that Al is trying hard to break.  All in all a great two days.  Tomorrow is coming way to soon with a lot of things to do.  In the morning I am busy taking Senior Photos for Majerle at sunrise, then Shadd Parkinson is coming over and I am taking photos of both him and Al riding for the covers of their new DVD’s that will be coming out soon. Then some photos of everybody riding and then somebody else is going to have to take my camera as I want some pics of me and Baby Sayo riding.  I have a feeling my 6:50 pm flight is going to come way to soon.  You all will have to take a look at Al Dunnings NEW website at where you will find some of my photos.  Take a look and check it out.  Well I am off to catch some sleep as sunrise is gonna be here way to soon.  Hope everybody has a great night.