Idaho it is!

What a week it has been. Sunday Bazi and I hit the road and left for Arizona to pick up Baby Sayo who is finally home (-; (-; I spent monday morning riding Baby Sayo and the evening taking photos of Shadd Parkinsons three year olds. Boy are they some fancy babies. Tuesday morning was also wonderful as I got to spend the morning riding with Al Dunning which is always amazing and I ALWAYS learn something new. We hit the road again around 11am and headed down to Tucson Arizona to pick up my nephew and then back to Colorado via Las Cruses NM.
So thursday morning was the big “moving” day. The truck to haul the horses arrived wednesday night and a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Alice Sporleder for coming up on wednesday and helping me pack as I could have simply not done it without her. Everybody was loaded and we got on the road by 9:30am. Following the truck through Cheyenne WY all the way to Ogden Utah and from there on up to Hagerman Idaho we arrived 17 hours later. Needless to say everybody was soooooo ready to get off the truck and out of the pick up………..SOOOOO long story short. Hagerman Idaho is the new home of TS Quarter Horses. So if you are in the area I invite you to give me a call and come by to see the horses.