Inside our horses ~ understanding how they work

Ever wondered how a large animal such as a horse can move it’s body as fast as it can? How they are such extreme athletes? Have you ever thought about the insane amount of pressure that is put on your horses legs in every stride they take? This is an amazing video that not only gives some great information from the outside of a horse but also takes a look under the skin (if the sight of blood makes you uncomfortable or a bit light headed you might want to think about watching the video). I came across this video and feel it is defiantly worth sharing and watching… you a whole new understanding of each stride your horse takes.

For the first time on “Inside Nature’s Giants” we are going to be looking at an animal that has evolved through unnatural selection. The Thoroughbred race horse is as big as a cow yet it can run at 45 miles per hour. By looking under it’s skin we’ll reveal how it pulls of this astonishing feat. How it turbo charges its breathing, generates a massive spring in it’s stride, and dopes its own blood in the serge to the finish line. Join us as we go deep inside the racehorse.