Love for the Children and Families of CT

Love of a Child

Here is your chance to bid on a breeding for your own First Deposit foal on the silent auction that is being held by the group “Love for the Children and Families of CT” on facebook. What a heart breaking tragedy that took place. Here is your chance to let them know you care. TS Quarter Horses along with many other breeders has donated some breedings to top of the industry stallions with all the benefits going to the families that lost their children in the Connecticut shooting.

Love for the Children and Families of CT
We are showing our love to the families of Connecticut, to offset their loss of income, their expenses of burial and medical assistance for counseling or any other need they may have….

We will will distribute directly to the families of the children loss and the teachers/principle families ….

If you have a heart to give, now is the time… Bless the little Angels that went before us…. May they pave our way when it is our time… God Bless them and their family!!!

Their loss has touched the world in some way…. for me, it is the thought of my grandchildren and if I lost them… PLEASE HELP us to lighten their load and show WE, In the name of Jesus, care !!

Thank you!

The silent auction will start January 1, 2013 and end January 19th, 2013 at 7pm. CLICK HERE to bid on your First Deposit breeding.
First Deposit