Pre-Ride Thoughts by John Degan

We enter the Arena, as a team to be judged;
From the middle of my horse, I better not budge.

Attending Al’s clinics, has sure changed my life;
AND my style of riding, mostly turmoil and strife.

To remember the pattern is simple a must;
The Judge will be watching, to see if there’s trust.

Now we’ll pick up the right lead, small circle to show;
Relaxed and steady; round, smooth and slow.

We’re into the Big Fast, and starting to go;
This horse is a great one, really startin to flow!

We prepare for the left lead, and won’t miss a trick;
My horse is so smooth, he must know “Boomernic.”

As we head for the run down, to slide straight and true;
My pony’s listening for my slightest cue.

I know I’m not ridin’ “Expensive Hobby” or “My Blue Heaven”;
But no one could tell it when we made those Elevens.

Now I’ve been thinkin’ how life’s like a Reinin’;
We come into this world needin’ some trainin’.

We might stray for awhile and buck at the system;
But our Lord’s got a plan, if we just don’t resist him!!

Yes, the Lord does the molding, if our reins he is holding;
To keep us on pattern, so our lives won’t be folding.

Now when this show’s over, and we trot to the Judge;
We know that the Good Lord won’t hold a grudge.

Well, I read in the Bible, where the Lord has a place;
And you’re always a winner, by God’s Holy Grace!

If Jesus reins in your heart, as Savior and Lord;
You’re always a champion, and NEVER OUT-SCORED!!

by John Degan