Road Trip to Arizona

Let the road trip begin. We loaded up early sunday morning and took off on our road trip to Arizona….land of warmth and sunshine. Triston and Keeley are both along for this trip along with Zoe(toy aussie female), Sage (old border collie female) and of course no road trip is complete without Bazi (the loyal Winer Dog). The kids are pretty excited about getting to head to Arizona and Keeley can not wait to see her “uncle Al” but the news of 15 hours of driving is a bit of a downer.

Heading south out of Buhl Idaho we have decided to give the Nevada rout a try. The trip through Nevada was pretty much uneventful other then me taking the wrong road out of Ely and going about 50 miles the wrong way (always a pain in the rear) and losing a trailer tire, rim and bearing just about an hour north of Las Vegas. We did pass what appeared to be a herd of mustangs which leaf me a bit speechless. I had not seen any mustangs in the wild and for some reason when I thought of mustangs I had this mythical creator in mind, fat and slick coats gleaming in the sunshine with a forelock toughing the tip of his it’s nose, majestic creators. NOT SO MUCH….what I saw instead was a herd of at least 300+ horses that where extremely thin (winter had not really even hit yet….would hate to see them in the spring) and just all together poor and pathetic looking and the only thing that lead me to believe that they were mustangs was the fact that there is no way in heck that anybody could be raising such sorry looking creators in such large quantities. So of course for some time of the drive I had various thoughts about the mustangs going through my mind of the possible strong need to thin them out a bit, if keeping the mustang herds around turn lose some better stallions to improve conformation, etc.

Not having seen Vegas before both the kids and I had a bit of the “open mouthed” stare going on amazed at all the lights. It is for sure a site to see. Not so much exciting when it is way past dark driving though Vegas and you still have 6 to 7 hours to go but non the less, very impressive. Once I hit I-17 set of Prescott I was pretty sure I was on the home stretch….a jump over to Cave Creek and over to Dynamite Road and Almosta Ranch here I come. We pulled in at about 2:30am and I totally loved the fact that I got to unload horses in 50 degree weather and did not even but a jacket on. (-: Did I mention I love Arizona winters?!?!?! Looking out across the arena I can not wait for morning to get here and to go ride but right now…..a bed sure sounds inviting. (-: