The Buckaroo Room

I know I know….I am a bit behind in my blogging but I have a good excuse….I am in Arizona and life is wonderful and there are a lot more fun things to do then to sit on the computer. It never fails….there is no better feeling then waking up at the Almosta Ranch in Rio Verde Arizona. However yesterday morning when I woke up it was the sound of rain that woke me. As I am laying there I am thinking to myself “nothing wrong with a nice rain shower.” Well….the nice rain shower turned into a all day soaker leaving the arena with the “perfect ground” looking way more like a pond then a nicely groomed riding arena. So what better way then to spend the day working on some plans for my blog and also enjoying some quality time in my “home” away from home.

Due to some extra guests at the Almosta Ranch I am staying in the Buckaroo Room of Walt and Peggy Kimes which is a dream of a room. The Kimes have built this turned this little extra space in their home into a absolut wonderful retreat which they normally rent out for a very reasonable $80 a night. This not only includes the room which has it’s own bathroom with a way more then roomy shower but is also equipped with a small fridge, microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker but Peggy with spoil you rotten with at least one home cooked meal while you are here. After having some home made chicken noodle soup and fresh corn bread Triston asked “wow mom can we please move down here? This is the best cooking I have every had.” While at the Kimes you can also do some shopping for the TOP QUALITY LONGHORN jeans as the family are the owners of LONGHORN JEANS. Matt and Amanda Kimes both with a background in the equestrian world are making a HUGE success out of their idea to create top of the line jeans that are all AMERICAN MADE and built to last. I have a whole closet full of them and simply can not say enough good about the jeans…..truly a good quality jean that will not empty your bank account every time you go shop for them.

Once again I woke up to some rain this morning but thankfully now at midday the rain has let up and things are starting to think about drying up. This morning I did haul over to ride in the covered arena at Corey Cushing’s place and spent a little time riding Baby Sayo who was just the best boy ever. I also had Billie (Legends of Olena) with me and warmed her up and then watched Al work her on the flag…..we have our work cut out for us as she needs to get about a 1,000 times softer then what she is now but Al thought once we get that done all will fall in place.

This afternoon I will spend some time working with Al on the new blog post series I plan to have for TS Quarter Horses titled “A Look Around Al Dunnings Tack Room” which I am planning on posting once a week starting on with the new year. Nothing like getting to look around Al’s tack room and getting to learn about a collection of his tack. I will have a sneak peak for you soon so be sure to check back regularly.