Weekend Getaway ~ or something like that

As soon as school got out on friday the kids and I loaded up the trailer and headed south to Nevada to for my weekend getaway at the Holland Ranch to get my two year olds some much needed outside time as well as help brand on monday. So along for the trip where the following:

  • I Sayo Im Special
  • Chic This Sayo Out
  • Haidas Smart Sayo
  • I Sayo I Love You
  • Sayos Smoke N Chic
  • I Sayo Ur Bueno

After arriving a bit late all the four legged kids got kicked out in the corral that already had dinner waiting for them while we spent the night camping out in the nose of the trailer. My kind of camping (-: Of course snuggled up with Bazi, Zoe (with her puppy) and Lilly as there was no way we could have left them at home and well…..they just can’t stay outside and become coyote bate. Not having any of that.


Saturday morning while the guys flew the ranch looking for some missing yearlings the kids and I got some much needed sleep. The hard life you know (-: As the guys did locate the yearlings that they were missing it was time to get a horseback and get some riding done. John and I tackled that job with me Miss Sunkist Fisty and I Sayo Im Special being the mounts, and the kids helped pick rocks out the corral we are branding in on monday. I think I had the way better job!

A few minutes of our ride

As much as I enjoyed my ride and as good as it is for my two year olds I have to say when we returned to the trailer 5 hours later both “Cruzer” (I Sayo Im Special) and I were equally glad to see the trailer/pick up. Even though I am loving my saddle my butt was equally happy to see the pick-up seat.

The day ended with a HUGE prime rib dinner at the Lone Mountain Bar 20 miles north of Elko Nevada. Now I have to say that if you are ever in the area on a saturday night it is defiantly the place to stop for dinner. You can just about chase me with a bar but the prime rib dinner is to die for and not only is it awesome but the amount of food you get is unreal. Dinner starts with fresh bread (all you can eat), a delicious and very filling soup, a salad with some rather wicked home made salad dressing and if you are not stuffed by now the prime rib that fills your entire plate along with a side of french fries will dang sure do the trick. Oh Oh Oh and lets not forget the ravioli that comes with the prime rib as well. Be prepared to have them roll you out to your truck.

Sunday morning about 4am I was awoken to the “oh so lovely sound” of coyotes howling and the dogs replying with “come near our place and we will kick your a$$.” Shotem all I say…..coyotes that is. The morning did take a turn for the better as Mitch took me for a ride in the Cub to get a view of the ranch from birds eye view which I have to say was a treat.

Birds Eye View of the Holland Ranch

The flight was awesome along with some of the history of the ranch I got to hear about on the way. It is amazing how rough the country is but at the same time how beautiful. We flew across some sheep camps as well as multiple bands of sheep. What a way it would be to spend the summer on your horse following thousands of sheep through God’s country. The rest of the day was rather uneventful as we got I Sayo Im Special and I Sayo Ur Bueno got their feet trimmed and I am calling it an early night as we are supposed to be horseback by 6m. Enjoy the pics and be sure to check back for more coming after the branding.