Christmas — out of season but none the less hysterical

This is an article submitted to a 1999 Louisville Sentinel contest to find out who had the wildest Christmas dinners. It won first prize. As a joke, my brother Jay used to hang a pair of panty hose over his fireplace before Christmas. He said all he wanted was for Santa to fill them. What […]

Ima Smoke N Sayo ~ Heading Home

Ima Smoke N Sayo is on his way home as I write this from spending two month in getting a great foundation at the Almosta Ranch with Al Dunning. I am excited to get this boy home and spend the rest of his two year old year working on getting him ready for the futurities […]

Haidas Smart Chic – SOLD

THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSEPH JONES OF IDAHO ON THE PURCHASE OF THIS NICE MARE. I wish you the best of luck with her and her 2012 foal out of Little Shining Sun You can travel the globe looking for a well trained daughter of Haidas Little Pep who is out of a money […]

Problems with your Spin?

Ever have problems with your spin? I just love a nice turn around on my horses but along the way of getting to the perfect turn around I have at times ran into some problems and thought you all might get some use out of the drills I used to fix the problems that I […]

Viva Las Vegas

Come tuesday morning (mind you at 6am) I was on the road to spend three days at the SHOT Show hosted at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. The SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show) is a “gear nuts” dream. Everything from hunting gear to full fletched army equipment. Endless booth, […]

Nu Chex To Cash

Sired by the great stallion Nu Cash it is no supprise that Nu Chex to Cash followed in the hoof prints of his sire. There is so much to say for a solid pedigree of great horses to produce a great horse. Nu Cash is not only a NRHCA Million Dollar Sire but is the […]

Good Disposition

According to Wikipedia DISPOSITION is a habit, a preparation, a state of readiness, or a tendency to act in a specified way. So in a matter of logical thinking a good disposition should be a good habit, a good preparation, a good state of readiness, or a good tendency to act in a specified way. […]

Poor People

I am not sure who the author is of this but it is to great not to share. POOR PEOPLE ? One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of […]

Smart Little Xx

  • NCHA LTE $6,677
  • Offspring LTE $81,000+
  • Full sister to earners of $49,421
  • own daughter of Smart Little Lena
  • out of HickorysLittlePepy, NCHA LTE $97,389, Offspring NCHA LTE $108,618
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    Colonels Smoking Gun x Goldies Doc Nic

    Here she is the cute little girl….a daughter of the GREAT Colonels Smoking Gun (GUNNER) and out of our very ownGoldies Doc Nic. We sure expect great things from this girl and will be watching for her in the future at the big events.

    The Buckaroo Room

    I know I know….I am a bit behind in my blogging but I have a good excuse….I am in Arizona and life is wonderful and there are a lot more fun things to do then to sit on the computer. It never fails….there is no better feeling then waking up at the Almosta Ranch in […]

    Goldies Doc Nic

  • Offspring LTE $17,000+
  • Own daughter of Reminic
  • Bred and raised by Greg Ward
  • Phenomenal Mare that continues to out produce herself
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    Road Trip to Arizona

    Let the road trip begin. We loaded up early sunday morning and took off on our road trip to Arizona….land of warmth and sunshine. Triston and Keeley are both along for this trip along with Zoe(toy aussie female), Sage (old border collie female) and of course no road trip is complete without Bazi (the loyal […]

    Guest Post about the Horse Slaughter Issue

    My post earlier this week “Horse Slaughter”drew a lot attention with a lot of different comments that I really enjoyed reading. Even though this topics brings opinions, feelings and emotions all across the board I was surprised at the number of people that understood what I was trying to say and were neither offended it […]

    Horse Slaughter

    Once again the horse slaughter in the United States is legal……wow this has stirred up a whole lot of emotions in a HUGE amount of people. This is a topic that some will not touch but as I generally tend to speak my mind wether asked to or not I might as well add my […]

    Teaching Your Weanlings Patience

    In the photo from front to back are I Sayo Ur Bueno, Cromed Up Groucho, Cowboys Fisty Pep. Oh the importance of teaching your weanlings patience!!! So now that the babies have sent some quality time attached to the donkey and have gotten the idea of giving to pressure on to step two…..quality time at […]

    What would you ask your vet ?

    I would like to ask for everybody’s help. Keeping our mares, stallions, geldings and of course our babies healthy is such an important matter that I am going to start doing a blog post once a week about equine health. I have a appointment set with my vet and we are going to do 52 […]

    Training Your Weanling with TS Quarter Horses — Halter Breaking

    I want to invite you to join me through the next blog posts of “Working with your weanling at TS Quarter Horses.” I thought I would share with you what I do with my weanlings from the time they are weaned. We are going to cover everything from the actual separation of mom to hoof […]

    TS Mini Aussies

    We have new puppies. Shy and Reiner had another beautiful litter of puppies on October 28th, 2011. We have two girls and three boys. You can save your CHRISTMAS PUPPY with a $150 deposit till he is ready to wean. Please contact me for shipping as I have a shipper I can work with to […]

    TS Quarter Horses Video

    This video is a bit past due for me to post on the site as I did it this summer but I thought you all might enjoy watching it anyhow. A great chance for me to show off some of my girls that are producing those nice babies. I am looking forward to the comments.

    Crystal Badger 595

  • NRHA Earnings
  • AQHA Point Earner
  • Multiple AQHA World Show Qualifier
  • Offspring AQHA Earnings
  • Peppy San Badger granddaughter

    Pep Up Merada — Her weight in Gold

    We bought this mare from Tabitha Smith this past spring. We’d just like to say thank you again for helping us make this horse a part of our family. She’s got a forever home always here… She’s worth her weight in gold. CareyLynn Steinhauer

    Taris Captive Chic

    Hi, I bought Taris Captive Chic from you at the Burlington horse sale a couple years back. And he is doing great he’s my favorite horse to go doctor yearlings on, sort, and even rope horses on. I absolutely love him, he is my right hand man for when I need to go get something […]

    Fly Fishing for Elk — Adobe Photoshop or Not — How this relates to purchasing a horse online

    “Hey, I took this guy from Texas fishing this week on the Big Thompson outside of Estes Park. I’m in the waders in a couple of pictures. It was his first ever fly-fishing venture. A crowd gathered on the highway to take pictures, including a Denver Post guy. One of the pics is on the […]

    Reminic N Pepto Heading to Massachusetts Congratulations Barbara !

    Reminic N Pepto DR2008 AQHA Red Roan MareThis little girl has me pretty blown away.  Even though she is a small filly she is LOADED with talent, brains, and breeding.  This girl is as quick and catty as they come and it is unreal how fast she catches on.  The photos I have up are […]