Trailer Loading

Gonna do me a little trailer loading So I had a friend call me the other day and ask for my assistance to move his bull to the house. No big deal. On the ranch I would have either just trailed him to the house or would have roped him in the pasture and loaded […]

Horse Auctions

My gosh I have been sitting here for the past two nights trying to work on this blog post about sale barns and how to best approche the subject, get all the proper research, and give you the best advice. Well… nothing, I can’t come up with nothing. So I am thinking I am going […]

Fall Branding

Nothing like a day of Fall Branding Boy I took way to long this time to edit my pictures from the branding. A lot has happend in the mean time but I hope you guys remember my trip to Nevada in September to help brand the last bunch of calves, well they were technically calves […]

True Ranch Horse ~ Not just a wanna be!

What is a TRUE Ranch Horse? What is the difference between a true ranch horse and any other horse? What makes them special? What gives somebody the ability to make a TRUE ranch horse? Well let me tell ya. A TRUE ranch horse has always been a very desirable commodity in the West and also […]

Laying A Horse Down

Many of you have seen pictures of “Baby Sayo” laying down I am sure and might have wondered why I taught him to lay down….what is the use of it? Well on him it was pure and simple bordem. He was the only weanling I had that year so what all can you do with […]

Weekend Getaway ~ or something like that

As soon as school got out on friday the kids and I loaded up the trailer and headed south to Nevada to for my weekend getaway at the Holland Ranch to get my two year olds some much needed outside time as well as help brand on monday. So along for the trip where the […]

Peach Bread

I think my favorite tree in the yard has got to be the little peach tree out front. When my mom was here in the spring it was loaded with blossoms and looked just as pretty as it could. Throughout the summer the look has changed for sure as it had branches laying on the […]

Clostridial Myositis/Fasciitis

I came across some great information that was posted by the Bend Equine Medical Center and found it to important not to share…..I can say this from hands on experience. A couple of winters ago I had two coming yearlings, I Sayo I Love You (in photo above), Ima Smokin Sayo, and a coming two […]

TS Quarter Horses is very excited to bring you the opportunity to ride with Cal Middleton. Cal Middleton, being a Missouri boy, grew up in Smithville and always enjoyed spending the summers at his grandparents farm in Ulman, Missouri. It was on his grandparents farm that he developed a passion, for not only horses, but […]

Momma Brown Bear

First evening in Valdez and what a treat it was. This brown bear momma came across the road out at Allison Point in Valdez to catch a salmon or two to feed her four cubs. She was such a great sport and hang around an hour to let everybody there get pics of her.

Reining Cow Horse Prospects

Take a look at these three girls…gonna be hard to find nicer reining cow cow horse prospects this nice at this price. From left to right Sparkling Krackers (buckskin), Smart Playing Chic (sorrel) and Sandras Fancy Chic (turning gray). Between the three of them you have color, conformation, athletic ability, great minds, good dispositions and […]

Branding In Nevada

Way to Early Normally Well my morning began way to early today as my alarm clock went off at 4am. Normally this would be totally out of the question as I am so not a morning person but considering I had a branding to get to the idea of to early is not an option. […]

Holland Ranch

ROAD TRIP…….I have been saying that it is time for a road trip for way to long so Toni, Keeley, Olive (Toni’s Aussie pup), Bazi and I decided to load up and head to the Holland Ranch north of Elko Nevada. Just a day trip and only 6 hours total on the road but none […]

Congratulations to Karl Smith

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Karl Smith, Karl Smith Performance Horses, of Jerome Idaho on adding Ima Smoke N Sayo to his bunch. I am excited to see “Bug” go to a home where he will be shown and has every opportunity to be as cool and cooler then his brother “Baby Sayo.” Can’t wait to […]


Nothing like spending an hour out with my four legged kids and just snapping away with my camera. So here are the results from an hour this evening. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them.

A Day of Branding

There is nothing better then your alarm clock going off at 5am when you have a day of branding ahead of you. In Colorado during the summer this was a weekly occurrence but since I have been here in Idaho the brandings have been few and in between which is wrong in so many ways […]

8 days/7 nights in Hawaii ~ My Treat

May 31st will be the day we are going to do the drawing for all my Rodan & Fields customers. I so appreciate your business and am so excited for the amazing skin care we offer. Be sure to jump on over to and take a look around and see what you think. Also […]

Nevada Bound

Nevada bound it is for four of the girls of TS Quarter Horses. Miss Sunkist Fisty, HA Im On The Go, Busy Texas Chex and Arc Sparkle Mia loaded up this morning to spend the summer with John on the Holland Ranch just north of Elko Nevada. On the agenda……taking care of 1,200 pairs and […]

Honza Blaha Natural Horsemanship ~ Open Borders

Talk about taking Horsemanship to a whole new level. This video is worth 8 minutes of your time to watch regardless of if you are a horse nut or not. As just a audience to the horse world you can admire the beauty, but as a member of the horse world you feel a true […]

Sayos Wee Chookie

Sayos Wee ChookieBorn March 20th,2012Brown AQHA FillyFANCY FANCY FANCY is what comes to mind when I look at this little girl. She has all the breeding in the world and her sire sure chromed her up nice. Big blaze and four white socks…..that along with her baby doll head is a pretty nice combination. Sayos […]

Inside our horses ~ understanding how they work

Ever wondered how a large animal such as a horse can move it’s body as fast as it can? How they are such extreme athletes? Have you ever thought about the insane amount of pressure that is put on your horses legs in every stride they take? This is an amazing video that not only […]

Anti-Aging ~~ Lets Talk about Wrinkles and Hawaii ?!?!?!

Seems that all of use woman have the same worries….wrinkles and looking older. What anti-aging products to use? And lets not leave the guys outta this……how many of you guys have the desire to age and look older then you really are? Wrinkles have just never been considered sexy. Well here is something to give […]

Plumb Reminic — SOLD

THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to Alan and Pam Kline of Mountain Home ID on the purchase of this nice gelding. You got yourself a great, very honest, talented young gelding. I look forward to seeing what you all do with him. Plumb Reminic 2007 Bay AQHA Gelding SOLD Take a look at this nice gelding. […]

Some great advice from Coyote Ridge Ranch on your spin

Clayton and Sabrina Stadnyk are the owners of Coyote Ridge Ranch Performance Horses in Manitoba Canada. They not only raise top notch cutting, ranch, reining and working cow horses but they are also top “hands” when it comes to training their quality prospects and finished horses. Be sure to check them out at Coyote Ridge […]

RMR Bear Tagging

Pretty cool video of Rick out tagging some black bears in Canada.